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Almost Busted Exploring a Huge Abandoned Hospital – YouTube

“In this episode we explore the now-demolished Old Reid Hospital in Richmond, Indiana. The hospital was massive and heavily decayed. We explored most of the building while cop cars circled outside like sharks, and when we realized they were coming … Continue reading

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Exploring Napoleon’s Highly Haunted Hospital Everything Left Behind – YouTube

“Hows it going guys so today we explored an abandoned Navy hospital where Napoleon was actually treated for an injury. This explore was amazing, there was medical equipment and supplies left behind. I have tried many times to get in … Continue reading

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Exploring Abandoned Hospital With Annoying Alarm & Power Still On – YouTube

“During our trip to the south, Fran and I spend one of our nights checking out a newly abandoned hospital. Finding a way into the new hospital was a success and we were pleased to find a bunch of left … Continue reading

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Exploring a Recently Abandoned Hospital with Power Still On! – YouTube

“After a pretty decent morning of exploring, we use the rest of the day exploring a couple hospitals we been wanting to check out. The first one had potential but was a bust. Fran ran around the whole hospital but … Continue reading

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Abandoned Hospital Found Morgue with Power Still On! – YouTube

So Fran & I caught a flight for our next adventure. We got to our new location early in the morning and met up with our buddy Jason. He recently discovered a new hospital and wanted to show us around. … Continue reading

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“ABANDONED HURRICANE HARVEY HOSPITAL, Exploring an abandoned hospital destroyed by the big hurricane America has seen” via ABANDONED HURRICANE HARVEY HOSPITAL – YouTube

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Abandoned Children Hospital On Top Of The Alpine Mountains – YouTube

“This weeks video is about a hospital in the Alpine mountains of Italy. This used to be a childrens hospital where they would be cured for mental illnesses. This beautiful Hospital is located around 3000 meters on top of a … Continue reading

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